Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted for such a long time

I am sorry I have been so busy with my Primitive blog that I have totally neglected my teddies and friends of teddies too. I just finished a new teddy but he doesn't have his character or name yet. I just finished his mouth and I need to polish up his nose and dress him in his best Harvest Attire. Hum.... Is he a he or his it a she. See. I am still undecided about that too. That is the fun part of being a creator of critters.

Best Buddies. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here Ye Here Ye, We Have A Winne r! ! ! ! !

We have a winner for our Mr. Thomas give away and my dear sweet husband drew the name out of the ole hat for this one. We had 27 entries and I wish that could award 27 teddy bears but unfortunately that can't be done.Thank you all so much for your interest and I hope you will continue to follow as if there is one thing I like to do more then making teddy bears is to host giveaways. So be sure to check in regularly so you won't miss out on some cool Christmas giveaways.
 So ......... with out further ado......... the winner is........... name please........Diane from Lavender Dreamer! ! ! !. Congratulations Diane and I probably have it but would you please email me your address so I can be sure that Mr Thomas reaches his destination safe and sound. All of his fellow Teddy bear friends will miss him but they all know that he is going to be loved and hugged and that is all that a Teddy Bear wishes for and if I know Diane right, he will have lots of Dollies to play with.
Bug hugs Diane and Congratulations.
Mr Thomas will be departing on Wednesday for Florida.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mr Thomas

To Sign up for the Mr Thomas giveaway go to the bottom of the page
If you have previously signed up, please check the list on the side bar to make sure your name is on it. Then go to the bottom of the page and leave just a short note and sign up again to follow.
I am sorry that this happened but things like this happen to the best of us and I guess we just have to roll with the punches.
Thanks everyone

Rebuilding the blog

For those of you that are looking to sign in again for the giveaway of Mr. Thomas, go to the bottom of the page and you will find him down there just waiting for you to sign up again.
Well, I am going to try an recreate what I had before but nothing is ever exactly the same. That is okay as change is good. 
Anyway. I have started over before and I guess I will do it again.
To begin with I will bring one of the earliest bears that I did and that was
Johnny B. He went to live with a good friend of mine that needed a smile.

Then there was Furley, He was a sweet chubby little cub. He also went to another friend that was doing a lot of traveling and needed another companion to keep her company on her journey.
Then there came Mr Thomas. He is one of my favorites and I guess that is why I held on to him so long but now its time from Mr Thomas to have a new home and that is why he is my giveaway for the new blog.

Okay, lets see who came next. I think it was either Slipper or Jemma so I will post them together

Then there was Stitches and Chow

And last but far from least is the one and only 
Waldo Pepper with his butterfly net and bees buzzing around his little head.

In the Beginning There Is a Giveaway,

Please meet Mr Thomas, He is just waiting for a new home and family and it could be you. All you need to do is to become a follower and leave a comment. If you have a blog, I would appreciate it if you would post about this giveaway but it isn't necessary. There is no pressure as this is meant to be fun and not make you work for it.
Mr Thomas is a 12" mohair bear with little black button eyes and a sweet embroidered nose and mouth. he has faux leather pads on his feet and a cute multi colored ribbon around his neck with words of wisdom attached. He is stuffed with cotton batting, and cracked corn was added for weight.
Sign up ends on October 15th so don't wait too long as time is running out for the sign up. Names will be drawn on the 16th and the winner will be announced on the 17th.
Be sure to leave me a way to contact you in case you are the lucky winner and Mr Thomas will come to your home to bring you that warm fuzzy feeling.
I have had to rebuild this site as my last one was hijacked, so please if you have entered previously and don't see you name on the list contact me at
Good luck
All of my bears are hand made by myself and most are hand stitched as well with lots of love,  care, and attention to detail. Most of my bears are collector bears and not meant to be used as toys. They are created with the intention of bringing a warm fuzzy feeling to your heart and make you smile.
I am rebuilding this blog as my last one was compromised so please be patient and I will have it up and looking as good as the last one. 
Thank you all for you great moral support through this very trying time.